Hooray for hostas

31 May

The weather this spring has been great for hostas.  (Too much rain for peony blooms to peak.)

Antioch hosta

Golden Tiara Hostas with Autumn Joy Sedum

Westside Story

New start for Hyacinth Hosta

Westside story is the bed on the westside of the house with “Royal Standard”, “Guacamole” and “Elegans”.  Last fall I divided three Hyacinth hostas into 18 gallon size new starts.  We also have what I refer to as the hospital bed for varieties I tried to introduce and later struggled.  Those varieties include “SunPower”, “Rainforest Sunrise”, “Remember Me”, “Fireworks” and “Golden Edge”.  “Fire and Ice” is on the casualty list after three attempts in various beds.

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