24 Dec

Old recipes are new again!  We made six batches of Chex mix and have ingredients to make three more.  It is delightful to use the microwave which is both quick and easy.  This has been a team effort with some experimentation on the flavorings.  We decided the prepared seasoning packet was too easy and added Worcester sauce as well as garlic and onion powder.  We also added Cheez-its and M&Ms to the pretzels, nuts and Chex cereals.

Chex mix marathon

Add the Chex mix recipe to pineapple-carrot lime jello salad, corn chowder soup and broccoli rice casserole, which have come out of the recipe files this year to bring back familiar aromas, flavors and sights to our dining table.

This contrasts to the new recipes that I have followed from by the very interesting Jules Clancy, Australian chef.  New Year’s Resolution:  Try more of Jules recipes!

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