Looking back…

5 Jan

Time for reflection, evaluation and dreaming.  I took time this week to revise my “About” page with highlights from 2011.

It  occurred to me today that two years ago I was sitting in a waiting room and discovered Spoonflower.  Spoonflower.com produces custom fabrics printed with images provided by individual customers.  I did not waste much time to come up with favorite photos to see how the process worked.  They require you order a swatch sample to approve of the results.  My bill was $61.90.  Your designs are designated for private or public availability.

My first Spoonflower order

My favorite sample

My favorite sample image is this close up of tree bark.  Dilemma!  Now what do I do?  The only things I had sewn in the past 30 years were curtains, pillow covers and a difficult slip cover project.

Coincidence?  I had an email from Sidney about the sewing challenge Helping Hands, Touching Hearts made to give a handmade article of clothing to each person in a village of 1200 adults and children.  Win-Win.  I had accumulated a fabric stash that could be put to good use plus I could improve my sewing skills.  Elfcroft shipped one large flat rate box to South Africa in both 2010 and 2011.

Maybe it is about time to get back to Spoonflower.com.  The Jan/Feb 2012 issue of cloth*paper*scissors magazine has an article on printing custom fabric which features Spoonflower.

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