Celebrating Charity Cat Comeback

13 Jul

Mid May test results of advanced kidney disease came back for Shelby.  Too young!  This couldn’t be his ninth life.  Thanks to internet research, we found PetWellbeing.com and their Kidney Support Gold liquid remedy.  Shelby has gotten drops every evening since May 22nd and now owns the front porch dawn to dusk.  The fresh air and sunshine are taking his recovery to a new level.  In honor of his comeback, Elfcroft has photos to share of his interest in charity projects.


Blessing girls dress for Helping Hands, Touching Hearts

Prayer shawl

Prayer shawl

Shelby approves!

Shelby approves!

Curled up with Goodwill donation

Curled up with Goodwill donation

On the porch

Today he is alive and recovering on the porch.

Hopefully, he is just on life number 5 or 6.  He definitely had used one life when he found me in 2005.  That’s another story.

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