They are back…17 years later

18 Aug

Seventeen years ago, I remember seeing them along what had been a fence row on the west property line.  All the rest of the property had been filled and grated during construction.

Today, Sunday morning puttering involved “harvesting” catnip.  Any suggestions on technique?  It is expensive in pet stores, that motivated me to try growing it in the kitchen garden.

Kitchen garden 2013

Kitchen garden 2013

Look what I found:

Cicada 1

Cicada 1

Cicada 2

Cicada 2

The exo-skeleton of cicadas were underneath the catnip foliage.  Thank you Wikipedia for the science lesson!  The common name is locust.  Cicada is Latin for “tree cricket”.  The documentation in Wikipedia is wonderful.  There is a video half way down on the left of the molting process.  On the right side of the webpage, there are four audio selections recorded in New Zealand, Japan, Greece and Texas.

They are eaten in China, Latin America and Congo.  I would rather have my eggplant.

One Response to “They are back…17 years later”

  1. pimla15 August 21, 2013 at 9:36 am #

    There’s always something more than you expect in the garden. I found the body of a rhino beetle on the patio table. I was such an intriguing specimen that I hooked its legs on the netting around the planter boxes to stand as our pepper watchdog.

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