20 Feb
Real Pins Framed

Real Pins Framed

Back access

Back access

Much appreciation to JoEllen, professional small business owner of Custom Picture Framing of Brownsburg, Indiana.  I have finished projects!

Custom double mat framing is found in most rooms around my house.  More likely than not it features a watercolor painting by Mary Ann Boysen.  Recently, I found myself short of the tools, supplies and skills to complete four mini-projects.

One:  I purchased a ready-made frame and canvas to showcase my personal “Pininterest” collection.  The pins spark a lifetime of stories from school, work, vacations and hobbies.  My little problem was securing the canvas in the frame (mismatched depths), finishing the back so I can add “pins” and mount the hanging hardware.

Two:  A beautiful frame made by my grandfather probably 40 years ago has a 6 X 8″ opening.  After all these years, I decided on a photo for it but needed a custom cut mat.

Custom Wormy Chestnut molding circa 1985

Custom Wormy Chestnut molding circa 1985

Three and Four are part of a collection of five professional photographs given to me by a coworker (who passed away this year).  The signed and numbered black and white photos have note for the location of the waterfalls.  The problem…two of the five frames were worse for being moved a round.  One had broken glass.  Now, they are restored to their glory and better than new.

Thank you to small business owners everywhere, who offer custom creative solutions.

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