20 Nov

By definition, swarm does apply to people…though I keep thinking insects.

This is a challenging assignment.  When I think of times I have been in or near a swarm of people this year, I remember a high school graduating class of 593 and the Jr Pan Pacific Chinese swim team at a meet in August.  The only photo I took of the high school graduation was an aerial one from a seat in the safety of the bleachers.  At the swim meet prep…no camera!  the swiftness the team of 24 teens with coaches arriving at the pool and starting practice an hour early, before the pool cleared of the general public was stunning.


My third thought is from IMTS or International Machine Tool Show held biennially in Chicago.  I like this photo because it captured the “swarm” and why they were there.

IMTS 2012 swarm

IMTS 2012 swarm

We were there to be competitive, moved, original, inventive, original, recognized and convinced.  Great event!

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