Book Review: Sewing can be Dangerous by SR Mallery

25 Apr

Sewing can be Dangerous and other small threads…the title grabbed my attention.  As much time as I have spent sewing over the years, I never thought of it as dangerous.  Sooo…how is sewing dangerous?  S.R. Mallery’s collection of eleven short stories have fascinating characters from eleven times and places.

Danger exists in conditions in the garment district, delivering a warning message, communicating directions, disguising passports…to name a few.  My favorite short story is “Precious Gifts” set in the Washington Territory in the 1870s.    Mama bought a new Singer Perpendicular Action Sewing Machine.  You have to read the story to find out why she set up her new machine in the corn field.  The story tells of her passion for sewing, aiding a young Chinook Indian on his Spirit Quest, exchanging gifts and adverting a conflict due to her quilt making magic.  Love it!

One Response to “Book Review: Sewing can be Dangerous by SR Mallery”

  1. oldmanatwork April 25, 2017 at 8:19 am #

    I like this post because I understand what you said from watching Pam Sew. Pam went out to buy a sewing table that fits on the counter that is clear that allows her to see what she is doing. When she sits in her chair and is hemming she reaches for a pen and knocks the box off the table and when she goes to pick them up you can’t help from sticking yourself or leaving a pen on the floor which I find with my bare feet. I think you hit it right on the head.

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