Kaizen and DfGI

3 Apr

In my post “Seven Global Concepts”, a fellow blogger explained Kaizen as a Japanese concept for continuous improvement.  DfGI or Days for Girls International grew their global influence by embracing Kaizen.  Their website explains their 25+ design revisions developing their reusable feminine hygiene kits.


On a local level, Elfcroft applied Kaizen to the sewing room.  My cabinet with two drop leaves spans almost seven feet (great for curtain projects, etc. not so great for hundreds of DfGI items per year).  I noticed that working on DfGI kits would be easier if the machine was several inches lower.  No height adjustment is available in the machine or table.  I had the opportunity to move the machine to a sturdy, small folding table….and did just that!  The sewing cabinet is working as the cutting table (with one leaf down).  So far, so GOOD 🙂


After (1)

After (2) The former coffee table (lower left) is great for staging fabric.

3 Responses to “Kaizen and DfGI”

  1. oldmanatwork April 3, 2018 at 12:34 pm #

    I am amazed at how much you and Pam are in that you take what you have and are able to adjust it to makes things more efficient in what you all do. I think it is the teAcher in Pam And I think it is because of the type of job you had at work. You are able yo apply the same method in every day life yo make things easier and more enjoyable. Nice job.

  2. oldmanatwork April 3, 2018 at 1:50 pm #

    I am amazed at how much you and Pam are a like. You a
    two are able to take something that you enjoy doing and make it more efficient and easier to work. I think in Pam’s case it is the teacher in her and her organization skills. In you I think it is very much the fact of the type of job you had while you were working. Now you take the same logic you used at work and applying it to everyday life to make things better for you. I see that in pam. Good job weay to go.

  3. Kay Ellen Hertz April 4, 2018 at 2:21 pm #

    What great ideas, elizabeth! Thanks so much for sharing your interest in DfGi on your blog!

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