Book Review: Aerial Geology

23 Jan


I believe this would qualify as a textbook, however it is so beautiful it would also make a great coffee table book.  The content is North America specific.  (Aerial Geology pairs nicely with Tim Marshall’s Prisoners of Geography.)

The photos and narrative reveal what we take for granted in the world.  The earth is best revealed to us in the “birds eye view” from a plane or on foot in our National Parks. (My favorite hiking story is A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson on the Appalachian Trail)

100 significant geological sites are expertly described going counterclockwise from Alaska to Maine.  The header on this webpage would pair up with Site 85 for the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The images below are either crinoids or brachiopods dating back 500 million years (The header photo was taken from an overlook made from this rock.)

One Response to “Book Review: Aerial Geology”

  1. oldmanatwork January 23, 2019 at 7:30 pm #

    Reading your post reminds me if the time I was in school at VSDB in Staunton how pretty the mountains are. I was lucky to be able to go trips to differint places where there were over looks and hiking trails. I also go to tide along the blue parkway and see some amazing sights and then there was all the state parks, living at the beach gives me a differint part of the world. I have seen things from Canada, Alaska, Hawaii Mexico and beyond, I gave been a kyckt guy, thanks for storing old memories, you always cine up with something outstand. Thanks.

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