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rock, paper, scissors

15 Oct

Or wood, steel

Blued-eyed Buddy Boy

3 Aug

Found 21 days after the hay barn fire!

Buddy Boy is well on his way to recovery.

Site of former 1970s era hay barn at Nina Bay Farm.  Check out more images:  Click on Nina Bay Farm page or


Indy Star: Hares exit car biz after 170 years

1 Feb

From Indy Star

Hares exit car biz after 170 years

A car dealership changing hands isn’t typically considered a historic milestone, but this is different.Hare Chevrolet’s sale last week to Duluth, Ga.-based Asbury Automotive Group marks the end of a freakishly long run in the transportation business by the Hare family of Noblesville. Transportation is the right term because Hare Chevrolet predates the automobile by more than six decades. The company began as W. Hare and Son Inc., a maker and seller of horse-drawn carriages.That was in 1847. Among the things that did not exist: the Federal Reserve banking system, Theodore Roosevelt, women’s suffrage, football and the state of Wisconsin.

Indy Star: 5 lucky foods for New Year’s

31 Dec

From Indy Star

5 lucky foods for New Year’s

This story, originally published Dec. 31, 2013, has been updated.Did you know that in Spain, it’s considered good luck to eat one grape with each stroke of the clock at midnight? Or that in Greece, a pomegranate is smashed on the floor when the clock strikes 12? Around the world, certain foods are thought to bring good fortune when consumed (or in the case of the poor pomegranate, destroyed) on New Year’s Eve.Here are five lucky foods to eat on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day for your most prosperous year yet.1. Ring-shaped foodsThese foods should be eaten to signify the year coming full circle. Enjoy ring shaped foods like doughnuts or bagels before you swear off carbs — or at least for the first two weeks of 2017.

Indy Star: Check out this photo gallery from Retro Indy: Circle of Lights ‘tree’

13 Dec

From Indy Star

Retro Indy: Circle of Lights ‘tree’

Indy Star: 10 things Florence Henderson told us through the years

3 Dec

From Indy Star

10 things Florence Henderson told us through the years

IndyStar reporters reliably jumped at the chance to speak with Florence Henderson, the “Brady Bunch” actress who died Thursday at 82.Henderson was born in Dale,, and grew up in Rockport, an Ohio River town about 30 miles east of Evansville.Ingrained in pop culture for her portrayal of Carol Brady on “The Brady Bunch” from 1969 to 1974, Henderson also starred in a 1954 Broadway production of “Fanny,” and she acted in national tours of “Oklahoma!” and “The Sound of Music.”In the home stretch of her public life, she became synonymous with Indianapolis 500 tradition.Here are 10 quotes Henderson shared with IndyStar through the years:1. Melody maker. From 1991 to 2015, Henderson sang “America the Beautiful,” “God Bless America” or “The Star-Spangled Banner” 23 times at the Indianapolis 500. During a 2011 interview with IndyStar, the former Broadway performer said she was born to carry a tune. “My mother said I came out singing. By the time I was 2, she had already taught me 50 songs.”

Indy Star: Indy urban farm will feed a food desert

19 Nov

From Indy Star

Indy urban farm will feed a food desert Jonathan Lawler decided to turn his Greenfield farm into a mission to feed the hungry last spring, he had no idea how he would touch the lives of people living on the north side of Indianapolis.Today, Lawler of Brandywine Creek Farms is working with staff at Flanner House community center to develop the state’s largest urban farm in the heart of one of the city’s biggest food deserts, areas that lack access to fresh fruit, vegetables and other healthy whole foods.Flanner Farms will sprout next year on the 2½-acre campus of Flanner House, 2424 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. It’s not a community garden, but rather a 1.3-acre working farm. And it won’t just feed people; it will teach them how to grow their own food.

Indy Star: What in the world is IN Light IN?

28 Aug

From Indy Star

What in the world is IN Light IN?

No, IN Light IN is not a laser show.”We will not be having a single laser in this light festival,” said Joanna Nixon, who is helping to produce the event. “Instantly when I say light festival, I think what pops in people’s minds is a laser light show. Indianapolis has not ever seen anything like this, ever.”But what, exactly, is “this”?”We are really treating this festival very similar to a contemporary art exhibition,” Nixon said.So, here’s the gist: IN Light IN is a free two-day, 2.5-mile tour through more than 25 interactive light works of art along the Downtown Canal from the Indiana Statehouse north to 11th Street and stretching east along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail to the American Legion Mall. Many of the artworks put the attendee in them, either through projection, becoming a living canvas or controlling the lighted piece. Nixon expects 15,000 people to visit the festival each of the two nights, though there is a potential for more.

Indy Star: Check out this photo gallery from Animal portraits at the 2016 Indiana State Fair

18 Aug

From Indy Star

Animal portraits at the 2016 Indiana State Fair

From Houzz: 8 ways to arrange artwork

1 Mar