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Book Review: In the Blue Hour

8 May


Elizabeth Hall is my maiden name. ¬†I like seeing my former name on book covers ūüėČ ¬†I have also read Miramont’s Ghost and The Music of the Deep.

In The Blue Hour multi-generational grief found peace of mind and healing.  The story unfolds in the cultures of New Mexico with a compelling connection to Olalla, Tennessee.

Reference: ¬†Consulting mediums is condemned and forbidden in the Bible. ¬†Deuteronomy 18:10‚Äď11 echoes Leviticus and expands it, including diviners, sorcerers, witches/wizards, anyone who casts spells, and anyone who practices child sacrifice. ¬†This link is a concise summary from GotQuestions. ¬†https://www.gotquestions.org/what-is-a-medium.html

However, there is an engaging exchange, point/counter point to rationalize “hunches” and explain the journey. ¬†BONUS: ¬†Recommendation of Spook: ¬†Science Tackles the Afterlife by Mary Roach

Peace of mind calls for knowledge and connections in spite of 1000s of miles distance and decades of time lapse.



Book Review: The Music of the Deep

11 Jul

I chose The Music of the Deep¬†because the author ‚ÄėElizabeth Hall‚Äô grabbed my attention (and I read her work Miramont’s Ghost last year). ¬†Elizabeth is my middle name and Hall is my maiden name‚ĶI answered to ‚ÄėElizabeth Hall‚ÄĚ for over 30 years‚Ķ.no I am not the author‚Ķ.I like seeing my name on the cover.

The narratives on domestic violence as well as marine biology research of orca whales are both VERY well done!  This small Pacific Northwest community has a circle of friends whose love of spinning and knitting created a safe place for Alexandra.

Toward the end of the book the narrative on the character “Robin” seemed misplaced. ¬†My opinion: ¬†It would have been better as a sequel.

I recommend this book.


Book Review: Miramont’s Ghost

20 Jun

For my previous book review, I chose Matilda Empress because my niece is featured on the cover.

I chose Miramont’s Ghost because the author ‘Elizabeth Hall’ grabbed my attention. ¬†Elizabeth being my middle name and Hall being my maiden name…I answered to ‘Elizabeth Hall” for over 30 years….no I am not the author….I like seeing my name on the cover ūüôā

Miramont’s Ghost is historical fiction. ¬†Most of the narrative is set in France in the early 1900s (before WWI). ¬†It concludes at Miramont Castle in Colorado. ¬†One theme dealt with the dilemma of Adrienne’s clairvoyance which disturbed her family and the community. ¬†Later in the book, Adrienne pivots, realizing her insights could/should solve problems rather than “be the problem”. ¬†This was a history subject I was not familiar with. ¬†I enjoyed the drama revealed in this book.