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Book Review: Miramont’s Ghost

20 Jun

For my previous book review, I chose Matilda Empress because my niece is featured on the cover.

I chose Miramont’s Ghost because the author ‘Elizabeth Hall’ grabbed my attention. ¬†Elizabeth being my middle name and Hall being my maiden name…I answered to ‘Elizabeth Hall” for over 30 years….no I am not the author….I like seeing my name on the cover ūüôā

Miramont’s Ghost is historical fiction. ¬†Most of the narrative is set in France in the early 1900s (before WWI). ¬†It concludes at Miramont Castle in Colorado. ¬†One theme dealt with the dilemma of Adrienne’s clairvoyance which disturbed her family and the community. ¬†Later in the book, Adrienne pivots, realizing her insights could/should solve problems rather than “be the problem”. ¬†This was a history subject I was not familiar with. ¬†I enjoyed the drama revealed in this book.

Book Review: Matilda Empress

23 May


I judged this book by its cover!  It features my niece (one and the same with my previous post)!  Not only was she best in her class, but also a fashion model during high school working in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Cape Town, Singapore and more.

Matilda Empress is historical fiction from an obscure period of British History. ¬†Matilda was the daughter of Henry I and mother of Henry II. ¬†The narrative is elegant with elaborate details of the days and times of 12th century England and Europe. ¬†Descriptions of clothing, meals, medical treatment, religious customs/beliefs and more…evoke an appreciation of the life and times.

The author does a lovely job introducing each chapter.  I needed more information.  I was lost a few times.  I recommend reviewing (then referring to) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empress_Matilda  to follow the story which closely follows the historical time line.

My favorite character is Greta, Matilda’s lady’s maid… for her devotion, dedication and resourcefulness during decades of service.