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Fabulous Foliage

16 Jun

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Our very cold late spring in central Indiana stunted blooms on our flowering trees.  However, the rains that followed supported the best season ever for our hostas.

Summer Beauty

12 Jul

Golden Tiara Hostas











From Houzz, Evolving garden

15 Sep


My Evolving garden…

I observed this year the abundance of large, long blooming flowers which had above average rainfall.  Two dozen varieties of daylilies and hostas never looked so good!

It will be tempting to water more in dry spells.

Originally, (15 years ago) my garden was primarily full sun…then transitioned more to shade as the surrounding trees grew.  This year we are transitioning back to full sun due to the lost of ash trees infected by a boring insect.

Some plants will be moved.

My third observation on evolving garden is the nature of perennial plant root systems which over time choke themselves.  Division required!

More plants will be moved.



It’s been 25 years!

7 Jul



This garden spot has been called the kitchen garden, then herb garden.  Twenty five years ago it was two 8’X8′ plots separated by a stone path.  It got plenty of afternoon sun.  As trees grew and  shaded the area, vegetable plants did not fare well.  Several years ago the area was enlarged, bounded by the block retaining wall and filled with top soil.  The containers are temporary homes for plants till fall planting.  Tomato plants are the tallest.  Herbs include oregano, lemon balm, horehound, mint, rue, basil, parsley and catnip!  The coneflowers are particularity bold this summer.  All in all, this is the best season of 25!