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Amaryllis, A short story

29 May

My first experience with Amaryllis bulbs was a gift from a wonderful neighbor November 2019. Blooms emerged January, 2020. It rebloomed April, 2021.

My mother loved all flowers. She had a special fondness for peonies, iris and day lilies of all varieties. She had a Christmas cactus that thrived over decades usually blooming just in time for the holidays. One can never have enough blooms :).

Mom requested an amaryllis bulb for the holidays. I ordered one shipped to her Christmas of 2020. In spite of being carefully watched for signs of life…NOTHING happened. The next time I was home, she instructed me to “take it back”.

I decided to repot. To my wondering eyes, I beheld FIVE bulbs in one pot. There was no room for any of them to grow.

For me the next step was to round up five pots to replant and give all the bulbs their own space. In the months that followed: Two did not thrive, Three grew beautiful foliage….

ONE of the three developed TWO blooms.

God bless Mom and Dad this Memorial Day!

LOL! Look! See!

21 May

This Memorial Day weekend…perhaps in a cemetery near you…

I SPY a parking meter!


Then there is the Navy Veteran…

There is a soul who loved his service.

God Bless You!

Memorial Day 2018

28 May

Charles D. Frazee, USMC Pacific Theater WWII, Died Feb 15, 2018

On this Memorial Day, Elfcroft recommends watching the 2009 movie Taking Chance starring Kevin Bacon to honor the military veteran in your life.  Preview in the link below.


Five Fabulous Flowers

27 May

Virginia Dare

Virginia Dare

It is Memorial Day and prime time for glorious peony blooms.  From the editorial of the Des Moines Register (link below), the tradition of placing home-grown peonies on graves goes back to the Civil War and Decoration Day.


Karl Rosenfield

The Karl Rosenfield variety is classic with large heavy blooms which are unfortunately doubled over after a heavy rain.  The blooms of Virginia Dare and Sword Dance are much lighter and put on a fabulous show.


Garden Parfait

Many homeowners will mow the foliage back.  Peonies and their foliage is a great addition to perennial flower beds because it holds its own during the summer months.



These beautiful varieties were photographed today.

Sword Dance

Sword Dance