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Don’t mow the grass….that was last then

15 Apr

Not this grass!

Amber waves

Now that it is spring, I did not mow the grass…..but cut it back.

This 10-year-old clump of Miscanthus Maiden Grass has died out in the center.  As I cut it back I thought it would make a great nest for geese.  “And what to my wondering eyes appear!”

Duck eggs

Look at the bottom center of the photo.

10 Mallard Duck eggs

10 Mallard Duck eggs

Our ducks chose to nest beside the Maiden grass.

10 eggs!

I looked up the “Twelve Days of Christmas”…perhaps because I wanted to sing….the line is six geese a’laying (for the six days of creation)…it was seven swans a’swimming (for the seven Catholic sacraments).  

Looking forward to posting photos of 10 ducklings 🙂