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Friday photos: I Ching No. 52 Keeping still

22 Jan

Treptichnus pedum:  Earliest widespread complex fossil body.

Anthropoda:  Invertebrate, exoskeleton, segmented body.

From the Cambrian period of the Paleozoic Era 500 million years ago.

Stones used to build this wall @ Clinch Mountain overlook. They stay “still”.

I have not studied geology since Mr. West’s 8th grade Earth Science class.  Please advise of corrections required.  Thanks to Wikipedia for the science jargon refresher!

NOTE:  Fossils are not good examples for illustrating I Ching concepts.  I Ching is an elegant text on changes and transitions in life.  The time interval for changes are more aligned with days and seasons than with hundreds of millions of years.  I choose these images because of the detail, movement and abundance of ocean life which was trapped and “kept still”.