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Book Review: Origin, A Novel by Dan Brown

26 Aug

Book 5 of 5 featuring Professor Robert Langdon

I have been a Dan Brown fan for years.  I was delighted to find this at a used book store.  Was there no fanfare on the release?  If there was, I missed it.

The dramatic adventure set in Spain includes outstanding narrative of art, architecture, literature, history, science and technology.  I had 2 years of Spanish in high school and appreciated Spanish speaking characters speaking Spanish (English translations keeps one from getting confused).

Not only is reading Origin compelling entertainment, but it is also refreshingly educational as Dan Brown does so expertly.

Blast from the Past

23 Jun

Today in history, 1868, the Sholes and Glidden type-writer was patented.  Patent number 79,265 sold for $12,000.  Production began March 1, 1873 by Remington and Sons.  According to Wikipedia there are over 50 iterations of design development spanning centuries.  This is an outstanding example of continuous design improvement in action.


Imagine writing the great American novel on this black beauty!

Underwood, right view

Underwood, right view

Underwood from 1930s

Underwood from 1930s


Inspiration for this post came from the Bonza puzzle of the day, a new type of crossword puzzle via smart phone app.