Friday Photos: I Ching No. 28 Critical Mass

24 Mar

I counted 108 pots!

Then there is another 20 plus not shown in the photo.

From a Google search of the definition of “Critical Mass”….the first (from physics) has to do with the minimum amount of fissile material needed to maintain a nuclear chain reaction…the second has to do with the minimum size required to start or maintain a venture.  Wilhem’s translation for I Ching No. 28 is “preponderance of the Great”.  David Hinton’s translation for I Ching No. 28 is “Vast beyond” looking forward to the changes in the situation.  Both authors have lines that include “sagging ridge pole” as the problem driving change.  That is the background on my struggle choosing an image for No. 28, until I cleaned out my garden shed this week!

All these containers held flowers, vegetables and herb plants (accumulated over 10 years).  As of this writing, all will be redeployed with plant divisions, seeds or deposited at the recycling center.  Critical mass–>chain reaction.

One Response to “Friday Photos: I Ching No. 28 Critical Mass”

  1. oldmanatwork March 26, 2017 at 11:11 am #

    I like what you have posted. have you thought about making or getting a raised flower bed made for flowers and vegetables. Pam had several flower pots and we planted vegetables in the yard but now with the new deck and the flower box we have room for everything. Flower pots can be easier but aa a lot of work at the same time storing them and figuring out which ones you want to keep or get rid of. You could have flower boxes or beds placed anywhere in your yard you desire.

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