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Mandy’s tapestry of the life and love of her family

26 Sep

Tapestry of the life and love of her family

Amanda Emmaline Hall, mother of 14

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Murrel is Mandy’s grandson and my dad.  Frank is Mandy’s grandson and my uncle.  Jimmy is Mandy’s grandson and my uncle who died as a child….

Crazy Quilts explained at Indianapolis Museum of Art Exhibit October 2017

“Encouraged individual expression through freeform stitching,

known as the Kensington stitch”

“takes inspiration from the natural world”

Made with love by Great Grandmother Hall


Delightful Outdoor Art!

1 Nov

Mother Nature impresses us with bold fall colors and textures.  Bonus discovery!  the Indianapolis Art Center’s featured outdoor sculptures.  Check these out:

















Great way to add interest to parking lot with flowers, herbs, vegetables

Great way to add interest to parking lot with flowers, herbs, vegetables













Canoe launch site

Canoe launch site








There is more to see of the grounds!


4 Aug

Dreamed of creating custom fabrics?  Checkout spoonflower.com

I first read about Spoonflower in 2010, uploaded images, ordered swatches….outstanding!

They have been very busy over the years adding fabric options.  This is the short list:  Cotton ultra, Satin 100% polyester, Performance knits, Jersey, Light weight canvas, Twill, Faux suede…the latest product introduction is Sport Lycra.

They also offer opportunities to create custom wall paper and gift wrap.

What would look good in “bark”?

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Salvage pick…my first

13 Jun

To fans of “Flea Market Flip”, “West End Salvage” and “Salvage Dawgs” intrigued with the creativity to repurpose, reinvent and reuse “picks” demonstrated on every episode.  I have been.

I seek  inspiration from my first “pick”.





Overhead rack for kitchen utensils?

Overhead rack for garden tools?

Wind chime with bicycle sprockets clanging?

See thru lamp “shade” with key rings linked together hanging from the rim?

Linked key rings

Linked key rings

I worked in this direction until I checked the weight.  A lamp would need a very sturdy base.

Suggestions?  Comments?