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Can You See Me?

11 Nov

Thanksgiving last year, at Nina Bay Farm, the herd of Black Angus cattle sold at auction.  The rest of the herd of burros found a new home.  The surrounding fields are leased for cattle grazing.

These burros are what remain of the herd.  I call the two on the right Jack and Jill.  Jack is two weeks old.  Jill is five months old (born June 1 and is featured in the top photo).

…..around back


Seven trees shading the porch:  Removed.

The make over for the landscape will be honeysuckle free and feature natural “rocky top” ledges and outcrop.  Do you see it?  An artifact:  brick barbecue.  We plan to have wild flowers popping up in spring.  Like these:

Work in Progress!  Low maintenance perennials featuring iris (state flower of TN) and day lilies, plus peonies, hostas and hollies.

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Another alternative workout

13 Apr

At home this time, it is time to spruce up the landscape with mulch.  We usually order 10 cubic yards of mulch.  Since this week was a solo project, I ordered 5 cubic yards.  At 500 pounds per cubic yard, the challenge was 2500 pounds or 1.25 tons.  So, less work than moving firewood….hmmmm (see previous post).  I had a rain delay before finishing.  No comment on the hours nor pace.

Does this look like 2500 pounds?

Does this look like 2500 pounds?

I got great coverage of the landscape for the street view.  I’ll be moving and adding plants in the next couple of weeks, then finish with the next 5 cubic yards.

I also found the Asiatic lilies I moved in the fall.  They popped up behind the new iris bulbs.  I need to make notes on my checklists 🙂

Standing 1

Standing Stone 1

Standing stone 2

Standing stone 2

Golden Quart steps

Golden Quartz steps

This is the neighbor’s view.

South lawn south view

South lawn south view

South lawn southwest view

South lawn southwest view