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Friday Photos: Old School

19 Aug

Old school…..decades of albums, prints (multiple sizes), boxes, negatives, framed….meets digital.  This project is brought to you by my “27 cubic feet” reduction goal (of personal papers and stuff).  Photo archives account for nearly 3 cubic feet.

  1. Sort  2.  Scan  3.  Save for others

Scan, scan, scan….also, rather than disposing of most of the vacation, birthday and holiday prints…I chose three albums to reconfigure with photos selected especially for three adult children.  Perhaps that just stalls my effort or mission.  My hope is it will bring smiles and fond memories…. without the hours of searching to find their precious moments.  😉

Albums with personalized content

Albums with personalized content



From Houzz: Savvy shoe storage

2 Aug

I claim using #10 and #12 plus a pocket system on bedroom door for dress shoes.  I also use this cabinet in my home away from home.  What is your system like?

Shoe storage for my home away from home (replica ice box or antique refrigerator)

Replica ice box (antique refrigerator)

Scavenger Hunt

18 Nov


As I read “20 ways to organize your craft space”by Laura Gaskill, I kept thinking “scavenger hunt” because I knew I could find these concepts here at home.  One thing leads to another….I turned it into a quiz of sorts and scored myself at 85 of 100.

  1. Sort yarn by color   X
  2. Stand paper rolls in basket (with yoga mats)
  3. Place loose paper in drawers
  4. Tools/supplies in clear bins w/lids
  5. For large paper:  art portfolio
  6. Stack fabric on shelf by color
  7. WIP in totes or baskets
  8. Stash fabric in wire drawers  (discarded wine rack)
  9. Hang fabric in closet (standing towel rack)
  10. Arrange spools on thread rack
  11. Hang tools on peg board   X
  12. Attach scissors to magnetic rail (store in case)
  13. Small items in lidded glass jars
  14. Paint brushes in open container
  15. Handled baskets for frequently used material
  16. Tiered cake stand as portable caddy   X
  17. Pop-up sewing corner  (permanent)
  18. Put storage on wheels  (moving men sliders)
  19. Desk/dining table double duty  (coffee table)
  20. To do list chalkboard wall (bulletin board)

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Office assistant Eve: "Don't you have something better to do?"

Office assistant Eve: “Don’t you have something better to do?”

Mission organization (part 2)

23 Sep

Every so often is it time to clear, sort, clean and reorganize.  This week was one of those times.

This is where I left off in 2012!  The primary goal was to organize a pantry system (in the absence of having a designated pantry).

Mission Organization

That’s more like it!

The pantry would have served us better, if we had stayed home more and eaten out less.

The current mission started when I chose three cans of vegetables to prepare my favorite soup and 1 of 3 cans had a 2012 expiration.  Yikes!  That’s a FILO (first in, last out) not a FIFO (first in, first out) inventory system.  Now, everything has been scrutinized…including freezer and kitchen cabinets.  There were more expiration dates from 2012!

The remedy:  Significant additions to the compost and recycling bins.

Compost bin (wildlife ate thru original plastic lid)

Compost bin (wildlife ate thru original plastic lid)

Recycling bin for curbside pick up

Recycling bin for curbside pick up

Step 2:

Contents of rejected cans, boxes, bottles and packages get added to compost bin.

Step 3:

Packaging is added to recycle bin

Step 4:

Rearrange contents of cabinet for FIFO inventory.

2015 Pantry

2015 Pantry