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40 Days

13 Feb

Shocking!  I am on track with a 2018 New Year’s Resolution (that I never considered until last year)…to read the entire Bible.  What brought that on?  Completing Cosmic Numbers and 17 Equations that Changed the World developed diligence with difficult material.  Reading Flash and A Year of Biblical Womanhood engaged my curiosity.  Then…

Late last year Doreen Virtue introduced on Instagram two One Year Bibles formatted Chronologically as well as one with Old and New Testament, plus Psalm and Proverb selection for each day of the year.  Doreen posts a 30 minute video on Instagram daily for the respective readings.  Video archives are loaded on VIMEO.

Believe it or not, I find reading both versions of the One Year Bible helps retention.  Also, pairing the New Testament with the Old Testament readings illuminates

St Augustine’s quote “The New Testament lies concealed in the Old, the Old lies revealed in the New.”

Pause to consider and study I Ching

8 Jul

Often on this blog I have paired my photography with I Ching translations, which is analogous to just testing/sampling water versus exploring the ocean.

I highly recommend exploring I Ching with taobabe‘s blog here in the WordPress community.  taobabe’s command of language, math, science and illustration is both amazing and astonishing.  Honestly, I haven’t been keeping up.  Here are three links to her blog.  DNA and I Ching is jaw dropping.




Taobabe, Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights with us.

Prayer…40 days

24 Mar

“40 days of Prayer” study is a tapestry of scripture, concepts, questions, inspiration, connections, context.  Prayer may be music, song, a long walk without the iPod.

Prior to this season’s study “40 days of Prayer” my most intensely focused prayers came during knitting prayer shawls.  Coincidentally, one new shawl by Elfcroft is waiting for the pockets to be sewn on.

Prayer shawl for healing for Kathy

Prayer shawl for healing

Made from lamb's wool blend for Kathy

Made from lamb’s wool blend for Kathy

Prayer is not only a personal experience but a universal, global experience across the ages.

Tibetan Prayer Flags (displayed at Disney World)

Tibetan Prayer Flags (displayed at Disney World)

Prayer candles from Buddist and Catholic traditions

Prayer candles from Buddist and Catholic traditions

“Joy is prayer –

Joy is strength –

Joy is love –

Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.”

Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Albanian-born Roman Catholic missionary (1910-1997)