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Friday Photo: I Ching No. 54 Marry Maiden

10 Feb
Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!  Melody may be the happiest bride I have known.

I admire the depth and breath of understanding Taobabe has of IChing….awesome!  She recently posted an amazing explanation of “Marrying Maiden”.


Pause to consider and study I Ching

8 Jul

Often on this blog I have paired my photography with I Ching translations, which is analogous to just testing/sampling water versus exploring the ocean.

I highly recommend exploring I Ching with taobabe‘s blog here in the WordPress community.  taobabe’s command of language, math, science and illustration is both amazing and astonishing.  Honestly, I haven’t been keeping up.  Here are three links to her blog.  DNA and I Ching is jaw dropping.




Taobabe, Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights with us.