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Book Review: A Mind at Play

5 Jun

The richness of Shannon’s biography creates an engaging review of the science. Like the content of Tuxedo Park by Jennet Conant, the science was so ground breaking… it was many years before declassification would make his work available to the public.  “How Claude Shannon Invented the Information Age”

I wish this book was available when I was studying engineering.  Being playful (including juggling) and a “hands on inventor” were foundational to his success.

My “STEM by meme” page (link above) lists books I have found outstanding providing context or “the story” behind text book study.

Friday Photos: I Ching No. 50 Holding

26 Feb

Hawaiian style…

Fish pond

Fish pond.  The tide brings fish in.  The stone wall holds them.

Work to maintain the wall

Work to maintain the wall

Ko'ie'ie Fish Pond

Ko’ie’ie Fish Pond

Hawaiian ponds are built to raise and harvest fish.  This six acre example produced over 2,000 pounds of fish a year.