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Walk this way

30 Apr

Planting purple wave petunias concludes five days freshening flower beds

with seven cubic yards of hardwood fine mulch.

Stay at home!  2020

Moonbeams and Garden Dreams 1

14 Jul

It was 3 a.m. and unusually bright outside from lightning of stormy skies.  The night sky will be at its darkest Thursday July 16th with a full new moon.  On July 31st this year, we will have a full blue moon, which is the phenomena of having two full moons in the same month (last occurring in 2012).

The inspiration for the master bedroom patio garden came to me June 9, 2001, fourteen years ago.  Mary Francis wrote “Moonbeams and garden dreams” for the Indianapolis Star.  It was my introduction to moon gardens.  White flowers, silver and variegated foliage may be subtle by day, however they glow in moonlight as does the golden quartz flagstone.


” ‘The moon garden is all about illuminating the night,’ said Grimm, owner of Kids in Bloom, a local heirloom seed company.”

Bold White August flowers

“For some, the evening may be the best time to enjoy a garden__with long hours, some people rarely get to see the garden in daytime.  Why not plan for moonlight viewing?”  GREAT question!

White Chiffon Rose of Sharon