Friday Photo: IChing No.37 Family

17 Feb
Family (Downtown Abbey style) formal dinner party for 60th Anniversary

Family (Downtown Abbey style) formal dinner party for 60th Anniversary

Angels watching over us.  Nice!

Global Style

14 Feb

Emily Henderson’s (HGTV Design Star) blog post on “Global Style” reminded me of my grandmother!

Mam-ma Tuggle taught elementary school then traveled to the far corners of the world with teacher’s groups on her summer vacations from 1964-1990.  MDT’s living room was a treasure box of images and objects from her travels…Europe, Philippines, Japan, South America, Alaska, Greece, Australia, Canada, Central America, Caribbean, Hawaii…

"Mola" handmade in Panama. (Reverse applique technique using 2 to 7 layers of different colored cloth.

“Mola” handmade in Panama. (Reverse applique using 2 to 7 layers of different colored cloth.)

Sheepskin rug, Australia/New Zealand Love this sooo much, I have four!

Sheepskin rug, New Zealand Love this sooo much, I have four!

This reminds me of Morocco

I believe this is from the Philippines.












Having grown up with “World Style”….I chose this Chinese wool rug for myself at the 1980 World Fair.


Thank you Emily Henderson for naming this style, which sometimes feels like Pier One but is not.

Friday Photo: I Ching No. 54 Marry Maiden

10 Feb
Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!  Melody may be the happiest bride I have known.

I admire the depth and breath of understanding Taobabe has of IChing….awesome!  She recently posted an amazing explanation of “Marrying Maiden”.

2017 Recycling solution from sewing room

7 Feb

2014, I purchased flannel fabric in one to three yard lengths.  Each Days for Girls International kit includes 8 reversible, tri-fold, flannel pads.  My strategy included sewing pads from 8 different colors and patterns for each kit.  By year-end, I had over 30 types of remnants.   Variation due to cutting, shrinking from washing and fabric width created a significant amount of remnants in strips and block shapes.  I recycled these scraps into two light weight blankets.

In the three years since the original post, I tightened my strategy on purchasing flannel to reduce the waste (given my experience with shrinkage and end of bolt pieces).  The most significant change was to buy 4.5 yard lengths.  My 2017 striped flannel piece represents is a reduction of over 75% scrap.


2014 pieced flannel strips, 18 fabrics in 18 different widths

2017 flannel recycling

2017 flannel recycling




Indy Star: Hares exit car biz after 170 years

1 Feb

From Indy Star

Hares exit car biz after 170 years

A car dealership changing hands isn’t typically considered a historic milestone, but this is different.Hare Chevrolet’s sale last week to Duluth, Ga.-based Asbury Automotive Group marks the end of a freakishly long run in the transportation business by the Hare family of Noblesville. Transportation is the right term because Hare Chevrolet predates the automobile by more than six decades. The company began as W. Hare and Son Inc., a maker and seller of horse-drawn carriages.That was in 1847. Among the things that did not exist: the Federal Reserve banking system, Theodore Roosevelt, women’s suffrage, football and the state of Wisconsin.

Haiku: Work at home today

24 Jan
Office assistant "Eve" approves

Office assistant “Eve” approves


Wash, dry, fold laundry,

Reply, click send, scan, save, shred

Eve approves blog post.

Time to turn out the lights.

Time to turn out the lights.

Friday Photos: Washington D.C. 2008

20 Jan

Best wishes to our nation on this 45th inauguration day!

“I have a dream” engraved in stone

16 Jan
"I have a dream" from the location the words were spoken.

“I have a dream” from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where the speech inspired our country and the world.

Book Review: Tenzing Norbu Mysteries

15 Jan

The First Rule of Ten, The Second Rule of Ten, The Third Rule of Ten, Fourth….This series is engaging…a charming young Chinese American male takes us on his journey from Tibetan monastery to private investigator in Los Angeles. The plots and character development improve with each sequel. Ten’s rules remind me of the famous rules of Special Agent Gibbs in the NCIS TV series…interesting with Norbu’s Buddist connection. The authors take on contemporary problems of violence and crime with compelling compassion.

Friday Photo: Portrait

13 Jan
Millie Wissen

Millie Wissen

My neighbor for over 30 years…Millie Wissen passed away Sunday.  She loved her family, friends, gardening and Christmas.  Up until her husband Floyd passed away 13 years ago, she unloaded eight storage bins full of Christmas decorations each year and used all of them!

Millie had a gift for identifying birds by their songs.  That requires spending a lot of time outdoors and paying attention.  Sounds like a good New Year’s resolution for me to honor her memory.

Rest in Peace dear soul.