From Houzz: 10 ways to organize your books

14 Feb


Elfcroft survey:  What I found….

  1. Classics/Contemporary           NO
  2. Read/Unread                             Only digital books
  3. Genre or Niche


  4. Series or Edition

    My first series

  5. A to Z or Z to A                         NO
  6. By Size

    Coffee Table books:  bottom shelf

  7. By Topic

    One of many:  I Ching research

  8. Hard Cover/Paperback           NO
  9. Outward Facing                         NO
  10. Mood or Setting

    Hour for hour, most of my reading of digital books is in-flight

    Wow!  Choosing just one of the 10 suggestions made by Laura Gaskill would be TOO limiting.  Thank you Laura!

    Check out using library style carts (post dated Dec 3, 2018 “Coincidence? Mini Libraries”)

2 Responses to “From Houzz: 10 ways to organize your books”

  1. oldmanatwork February 14, 2019 at 11:22 am #

    That seems to work for you but you know what pam would do as a former librarian Pam wants to do that to my LPS but I won’t let her as I have them in types of music like rock roil oldies Motown country and so on. I know the songs who signs them and the cover of the LP. That works for me just like what you are doing because it works for you. Stick to the things that suits tour life style good for you. .

  2. pimla15 February 14, 2019 at 6:46 pm #

    One is never a FORMER librarian, however, I group my reference books by subject. I don’t buy fiction books. I let my local library do that for me.

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