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Friday Photos: IChing No.9 Taming the Power of the Small

19 May

David Hinton’s translation is ‘delicate nurturing’.

My niece, twenty years later, BEST in Class

Support of hospice care with prayer shawls

18 Apr

The season of Lent concluded Easter Sunday as did this project offering prayer shawls for hospice care ministry.

The challenge using this bulky acrylic/nylon yard from my stash is that all the edges rolled!  I am grateful for the knitters who have posted instructions for “blocking” on the web.  This solution required some trial and error.  These small shawls got straightened out.  I will avoid buying bulky yarn in the future.





One more thing!  I had this nice “satchel” style bag…marketing material from an exposition.  Well…It occurred to me that a large appliqué (from my shower caddie project stash) would cover the advertising.  It is just the right size to hold seven folded “blocked” shawls.

Well…I meant two/three more things.

Last month, I was introduced to the pattern for these caps.  Two of them now belong to long time friends who are undergoing chemotherapy.

May God bless everyone during these difficult times.

Prayer shawl for hospice care

7 Mar


Prayer shawl

I love the concept of knitted prayer shawls.  Knitting is a meditative endeavor that naturally pairs with prayer.  During this year’s season of Lent, I will make three prayer shawls as requested for hospice care.    The yarn I have in my stash is Lion Brand Wool-ease which is a Lamb’s Wool blend with acrylic.  This scripture came to mind:

“Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.”  John 1:29

This color #232 is named “Wood”…hummm…wooden cross.  The pattern repeats the number ‘three’ for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The symbolism I just wrote about is lost on Eve, office assistant.  She thinks this project is just her ‘size’.


Honoring Edna

2 Feb

Crown Hill Entrance

Earth angel, Edna Birkholz has been called to join the heavenly hosts of angels.  Mother, grandmother, great grandmother, sister, wife…she is steadfastly loved in all of her roles.

I got to know her during a time of deep concern over the probable loss of a second son to heart failure (after also losing her husband to heart failure).  Prayerful best describes those times.  Joyfully our concerns did not come to pass.

Edna had a special passion for ironing…everything, even T-shirts and jeans!  At 93 she sparkled at her grandson’s wedding and beamed at his Master’s degree graduation last year.  She lived independently up till the last weeks.

Deepest sympathy to Phillip, Pam, Claire and Jim

Deepest sympathy to Phillip, Pam, Claire and Jim

Your lives honor the love and devotion of Edna Birkholz.

Friday Photo: I Ching No. 34 Power of the Great

8 Jan
Chapel at US Naval Academy

“Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.”  Genesis 6:8    Chapel window @ US Naval Academy


Prayer…40 days

24 Mar

“40 days of Prayer” study is a tapestry of scripture, concepts, questions, inspiration, connections, context.  Prayer may be music, song, a long walk without the iPod.

Prior to this season’s study “40 days of Prayer” my most intensely focused prayers came during knitting prayer shawls.  Coincidentally, one new shawl by Elfcroft is waiting for the pockets to be sewn on.

Prayer shawl for healing for Kathy

Prayer shawl for healing

Made from lamb's wool blend for Kathy

Made from lamb’s wool blend for Kathy

Prayer is not only a personal experience but a universal, global experience across the ages.

Tibetan Prayer Flags (displayed at Disney World)

Tibetan Prayer Flags (displayed at Disney World)

Prayer candles from Buddist and Catholic traditions

Prayer candles from Buddist and Catholic traditions

“Joy is prayer –

Joy is strength –

Joy is love –

Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.”

Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Albanian-born Roman Catholic missionary (1910-1997)

#62 Small (prayers) exceeding

5 Mar
IMG_20140917_125334_200 copy

Praying Mantis 1

Oh God, hold me in the Light as your spirit teaches me to pray for others.  Amen.

from Lenten 40 Days of Prayer

The shortest of prayers are potent and powerful.

IMG_20140917_125647_353 copy

Praying Mantis 2

Praying Mantis 3

Praying Mantis 3


Celebrating Charity Cat Comeback

13 Jul

Mid May test results of advanced kidney disease came back for Shelby.  Too young!  This couldn’t be his ninth life.  Thanks to internet research, we found and their Kidney Support Gold liquid remedy.  Shelby has gotten drops every evening since May 22nd and now owns the front porch dawn to dusk.  The fresh air and sunshine are taking his recovery to a new level.  In honor of his comeback, Elfcroft has photos to share of his interest in charity projects.


Blessing girls dress for Helping Hands, Touching Hearts

Prayer shawl

Prayer shawl

Shelby approves!

Shelby approves!

Curled up with Goodwill donation

Curled up with Goodwill donation

On the porch

Today he is alive and recovering on the porch.

Hopefully, he is just on life number 5 or 6.  He definitely had used one life when he found me in 2005.  That’s another story.

Helping Hands, Touching Hearts Act 4 Scene 2

18 May

This week I got a request for help from Sidney and company who flew to South Africa May 1st for their three-month stay.

Dear E,

Hope you are having a grand spring day.

We have just returned from Zimbabwe where we helped a girl (18 yrs old) get back into school – about 8th grade.  Because they have to pay for each semester and because they are so poor, her Father could not send her this semester.  She is very bright and has dreams of studying law.  When we talked to the Head Master to pay, we met in a Small, crude but clean room in which a few shelves had been installed.  He told us with great pride that it is their library but they have no books.  He asked if we might be able to find a few people to send books…ANY books.  They teach and read English.  So, question is, would you have any books that you could give and send to this school?  The cost to send is a little high, but if only one box could be sent that would be a God send to them. I will certainly understand if this can’t be done.  We have also sent an email to ask our Church to send a box.  When we return, We can get other friends to help.  These people so struggle to get an education and are so desperate, they will welcome any kind of books.

I have an address..

Alick Sonke Kumalo Head School Master
P. O. Box CT 525
Chinotimba Stand 7240
Victoria, Zimbabwe

Thank you so much for your encouragement and help in the past.  I truly appreciate you my dear friend.
Would you pass this on to anyone you think might send a few books please?

In joy,  Sidney

Of course last fall I had sorted through my personal library and donated a couple of boxes to our local library book sale.  However, I did find my complete works of Shakespeare (very fine print), a paperback dictionary, a few fiction books in paperback from a high school reading assignment, a book on card tricks plus new playing cards which all landed in my send to the Head Master pile.  To round out the shipment and fill a USPS flat rate box, I went to Half Price Books clearance self last night to buy a selection of hard back non-fiction books.

Book shipment

Book shipment

Helping Hands Touching Hearts website:

Synchronicity and the love of bookstores

7 Apr

Yesterday I browsed through my local Barnes and Noble bookstore.  I was thrilled to find The Twelfth Insight by James Redfield, published in 2011.  The last of his four earlier books was published in 1999.  I missed the “Celestine Prophecy” movie produced in 2006, but have read all his books and been a fan.  I finished reading The Twelfth Insight this evening.  Redfield introduces wonderful concepts through an adventure story.  If you liked his earlier work, you will like The Twelfth Insight and Chapter One is  Sustaining Synchronicity.  The unplanned stop in the bookstore was my synchronicity in action.

During two earlier trips to the same bookstore I discovered How the Scots Invented the Modern World by Author Herman and Backyard Medicine by Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal.  Each book said “take me home”.  Reading modern history from a Scottish point of view was fascinating, because Scotland in the 1600s was an incubator for economic and government theory which was very influential in the founding of the United States.  The second book Backyard Medicine is inspiring future blog posts.  Stay tuned.