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Friday Photos: “Tiptoe through the Tulips”

24 Apr
Red tulip

Red tulips

Yellow tulip

Yellow tulips

White tulip

White tulips

No audio with this…”Tiptoe through the Tulips” was originally recorded by Nick Lucas in 1929 according to Wikipedia.  Tiny Tim also recorded it in 1968.  Tiny Tim’s version is the one I remember.  Great alliteration for the letter “T”…Tiny Tim’s tune “Tiptoe through the Tulips”.

Friday Photos: Monday marathon moving mountain of mulch

17 Apr
10 cubic yards

10 cubic yards

10 cubic yards=270 cubic feet or 135 bags with 2 cu ft/bag…It’s a LOT of mulch.

Actually two days later

Actually two days later

From Houzz

25 Mar

Friday Photo: No. 3 Sprouting

20 Mar
Sprouting peonies

Sprouting peonies

Another I Ching inspired post.  Sprouting is also related to “difficulty with beginning”.

Another alternative workout

13 Apr

At home this time, it is time to spruce up the landscape with mulch.  We usually order 10 cubic yards of mulch.  Since this week was a solo project, I ordered 5 cubic yards.  At 500 pounds per cubic yard, the challenge was 2500 pounds or 1.25 tons.  So, less work than moving firewood….hmmmm (see previous post).  I had a rain delay before finishing.  No comment on the hours nor pace.

Does this look like 2500 pounds?

Does this look like 2500 pounds?

I got great coverage of the landscape for the street view.  I’ll be moving and adding plants in the next couple of weeks, then finish with the next 5 cubic yards.

I also found the Asiatic lilies I moved in the fall.  They popped up behind the new iris bulbs.  I need to make notes on my checklists 🙂

Standing 1

Standing Stone 1

Standing stone 2

Standing stone 2

Golden Quart steps

Golden Quartz steps

This is the neighbor’s view.

South lawn south view

South lawn south view

South lawn southwest view

South lawn southwest view

Don’t mow the grass….that was last then

15 Apr

Not this grass!

Amber waves

Now that it is spring, I did not mow the grass…..but cut it back.

This 10-year-old clump of Miscanthus Maiden Grass has died out in the center.  As I cut it back I thought it would make a great nest for geese.  “And what to my wondering eyes appear!”

Duck eggs

Look at the bottom center of the photo.

10 Mallard Duck eggs

10 Mallard Duck eggs

Our ducks chose to nest beside the Maiden grass.

10 eggs!

I looked up the “Twelve Days of Christmas”…perhaps because I wanted to sing….the line is six geese a’laying (for the six days of creation)…it was seven swans a’swimming (for the seven Catholic sacraments).  

Looking forward to posting photos of 10 ducklings 🙂