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Friday Photos: I Ching No. 39 Difference and No. 40 Adversity

6 May
Prisoner labels, Dachau, Munich 2012

“Difference”  Prisoner labels, Dachau, Munich 2012

100_1696 copy 2

“Adversity” sculpture, Dachau, Munich 2012

Difference and Adversity are David Hinton’s translation.  These photos are powerful images of humanity’s worse exploitation of differences and experience of adversity at Dachau concentration camp during WWII.  In addition to starvation and torture, prisoners wore these symbols to ‘divide and conquer’ the population.

Hinton’s detailed translation emphasizes difference bringing ‘good fortune’ and adversity bringing acclaim.  That calls for uplifting photos….next time…

Friday Photo: I Ching No. 60 Pattern

29 Apr

“Pattern” is David Hinton’s translation of I Ching No. 60.  These are a couple of my favorite photos from London 2012.

DSCF0722 copy

DSCF0569 copy

Friday Photo: I Ching No. 22 Elegance

8 Apr

“Elegance” as translated by David Hinton.  Also translated “grace” or “adorning”.

Mom @ Hampton Court 2012

Mom @ Hampton Court 2012

Friday Photo: I Ching No. 8 Grouping

24 Jul


Update:  A photographer’s dilemma_finding a theme for a photo or a photo for a theme.

This photo was in need of a theme.  It has been brought to my attention the classical translation for I Ching hexagram no. 8 is “holding together”.  To prepare this series of photographs, I went to the internet for a quick list of translations.  No. 8 is also translated “joining”.  From there, “grouping” was included.

Although I like this illustration for “grouping”, it does not work for “holding together”.  A future post will attempt illustrating “holding together”.

Friday Photo: another idea for I Ching No. 20 Viewing

10 Jul


Friday Photo: #49 Molting, also translated Revolution

6 Mar

Another post featuring one of 64 kinds of change described by I Ching.  This is #49.

Cicada 1

Cicada 1

Cicada 2

Cicada 2

“For time and the world do not stand still.  Change is the law of life.  And those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future.”  John F Kennedy


#62 Small (prayers) exceeding

5 Mar
IMG_20140917_125334_200 copy

Praying Mantis 1

Oh God, hold me in the Light as your spirit teaches me to pray for others.  Amen.

from Lenten 40 Days of Prayer

The shortest of prayers are potent and powerful.

IMG_20140917_125647_353 copy

Praying Mantis 2

Praying Mantis 3

Praying Mantis 3


Epicenter for Change

18 Feb

The tenet of I Ching (Book of Changes) is that all life is change.  The ancient Chinese observations are organized into 64 descriptions of expected/predictable changes.  When the element of time is added, transitions between these changes are also predictable (if, as modern Westerners we can understand the language and symbols).

Since adding my page “I Ching Inspiration”, I realized for the last 18 months there has been a LOT of change in and around my home here in the midwest.  For example:  a new roof, restoration of drainage (blocked by south neighbor), city water lines…plus the sale and renovation of our backdoor neighbor’s property of 40 years.  Here I go… with I Ching references and photos!

New Roof:  #18 Correcting

Preparation for new decking and new shingles

Preparation for new decking and new shingles

Ditch Restoration:  #34 Great Invigorating

Two truck loads of fill removed

Two truck loads of fill removed

City waterline:  #53 Advancement

Ditch digging

Ditch digging

1973 Duplex Remodel:  #35 Prospering Progress

New windows, doors, toilets!

New windows, doors, toilets!

Friday Photo: IChing Inspired

13 Feb


Imagination inspired by IChing:  “Treading”, collage, E. Frazee, May 22, 1999

#10 Conduct

Imagination inspired by IChing:  “Lizard treading on leopard tail”

#10 Conduct:  Heaven above, Joyous Lake below

#10 Conduct: Heaven above, Joyous Lake below

The abbreviated explanation comes from Wilhelm commentary The Spirit of the Art of Living: when threatened, in danger or deprived of power…to come to terms with it…stand still and wait, there may be guidance… claim destiny, simply proceed with faith and victory and progress. “Wow” I said to myself. “That is profound.”

Intriguing IChing Inspiration

9 Feb

I thoroughly enjoyed WordPress’ Photography 101 (Nov 14).  The challenging assignments were provoking because the best responses I had were not new photos.  I posted from my albums anyway.  The experience reminded me of the challenge in 1999 from a workshop inspired by IChing.  The purpose of the workshop was to create a collage.  To continue the study (of a subject I knew nothing about) I made more collages.

One thing leads to another…I wondered if I had photographs that could be a reasonable images for IChing readings….YES!  Now Friday Photos will feature “IChing Inspired” in addition to “Alphabet/Alliteration” subjects.

Because IChing is an obscure subject, I added a new page to this site that chronicles my study and references for inquiring minds.  Check it out!  Are you familiar with IChing?